LuckyThirteen is the place to; buy affordable contemporary art, photography and prints by independent artists and to hire their expertise.

LuckyThirteen It’s an idea created, developed and executed by Julia Clay during lockdown. You won’t find any of these products on the high street.

Initially LuckyThirteen will be selling Julia Clay’s prints and artwork. 12 other artists will be added later to make the lucky thirteen.

LuckyThirteen is where you can buy Julia Clay’s artistic and photographic work at knockdown prices. Most of the available products are from her print-on-demand ranges or studio sale stock.

Print on demand means that an online print and fulfilment company deals exclusively with your order, thus reducing the price.
Whereas with Julia’s limited edition prints, original artworks and studio sale stock, the orders are handled personally by her. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered by her and have certificates of authenticity.

To view some of Julia’s recent and available limited edition prints and original artwork visit her ART FINDER shop and then you can contact her directly for a discount.

Thanks for supporting independent artists during these critical times.

Who is Julia Clay?

Julia is a visual artist, teacher and Mum. She enjoys combining her digital, camera and fine art skills to create art that resuscitates the unnoticed and forgotten world she passes through on her journey through life. For more information visit juliaclay.com and her shop at [ART FINDER]

For some time now I have felt frustrated by the large commissions that online and physical galleries charge the artist on sales of their work. This either pushes prices too high for many art lovers or means that the artist makes peanuts. During these difficult times, artists can’t afford to drop their prices yet more and customers can’t afford to pay the high prices of before.
I wanted to make my art more accessible and affordable so (during lockdown) I learned WordPress and put together my own, first, online shop. The plan is to eventually add another 12 artists to this online marketplace and so create the LuckyThirteen, but for now, it’s just little old me!
I hope that you find something you like and thanks for passing by.

Featured Projects

Views From The Street

Using hundreds of her own photographs Julia gives us a snapshot of what is being said on the streets of different cities at particular moments in time.

Love Letters

From her huge archive of photographs Julia creates love letters from the streets of over 20 European countries.


Over 13 months Julia travelled 39000km in a camper van with Geppe Monrós through 24 European countries picturing abandoned places and making a documentary film called Abandoned?